FIFA 22: Free objectives players should be DOMINATING your starting XI

One of the main aspects that keeps Ultimate Team fresh and up to date is the release of new players, always building upon your existing squad to make it as souped-up as possible.

For some players, keeping up to date with all the releases can prove difficult, or they may not want to be spending so much time on FIFA 22.

However, there is another way for those gamers to get top players - for FREE!

The Grind

As much as we all love FIFA, sometimes we can't spend as much time on it as we'd like, or we want a competitive team, but don't have the coins to spend hundreds of thousands on one player.

The top cards will always have high price tags, and by the time you've got the bank together to think about purchasing them, new, better cards will have come out, with higher value!

FIFA 22 Vinicius cards
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PRIME EXAMPLE - Vinicius keeps getting better, more expensive cards, we can't keep up!

It can be a bit disheartening for a casual player, who may not be able to keep up with the changing game.

The Fix

There is a way to get top players that should stay relevant for a while, for free - by completing player objectives.

While everyone is busy focussing on Division Rivals and Weekend League, objective players can often be overlooked, even though there is some top talent there.

Not only that but gaining them through completing objectives means you're not having to pay out to get hold of them.

Whether it's one of the League Player objectives in milestones, a new promo exclusive available for a few days, or even an insane Silver Star, don't discount them just because they are free.

Squad Foundations

You may be put off looking at Squad Foundations objectives, thinking they look far too time-consuming, but we think they are definitely worth the work.

You can also guarantee to complete the objectives if you decide to do them in Squad Battles opposed to Rivals.,

Once you've done, say, the Liga Portugal Squad Foundations, and brought three top players to your side, you can then move on to the Squad Foundations Uribe, using those players in the Live FUT Friendly: Football Foundations to really compete.

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Add in the Squad Foundations SBC player, and that's five top talents with strong links you have in your side.


One of the reasons we're suggesting this method is that we're pretty sure the cards will stay relevant for a decent amount of time.

All the Squad Foundations cards have received big boosts from their base cards, but perhaps the most important one is to their pace.

When Raphael Varane is still costing nearly 100,000 coins, largely due to his 82 PAC for a centre-back, then what should be made of Calvin Mac-Intosch, also a 86 OVR centre-back with equal pace?

With great stats across the board, we think all the Squad Foundations players should see you through at least another couple of months of play, so set aside a few evenings or a weekend and complete those objectives!

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Best of the bunch

Although most of the best objectives players are in the Squad Foundations, there have been some great options from promos and Silver Stars.

Take a look at our top picks:

Silver Stars Randy Nteka (OVR 74)

He may only be rated 74 OVR, but being a Silver Star that rating will deceive.

With Finisher or Deadeye on him, he has the stats of an 87-rated ST!

Not only that, but he has pretty great attributes all-round, so could do a more than adequate job in midfield.

Rulebreaker Marouane Fellaini (OVR 85)

This may be the pick of the bunch, so we're hoping you completed the objectives when you had the chance.

You can play this Fellaini card anywhere on the pitch, we like using him in midfield and powering through the opposition with his 88 PAC.

Despite being 6'4", the card doesn't feel cumbersome at all, but is let down slightly due to it's league and nationality links.

Still, a top man to bring off the bench and impact the game.

Objectives Marco van Ginkel (OVR 86)

Available as a player pick once you get to level 30 in season 2, Marco van Ginkel is - for us - the only option you should go for.

Excluding Icons, he has the fourth-best sum of stats in the game and can be a dominant force in midfield.

You can adapt him to a more offensive or defensive player, depending on what chemistry style you put on him, but no matter what he will be solid.

Squad Foundations Lois Openda (OVR 85)

A man that could link with Fellaini and Van Ginkel, Lois Openda is exactly what you want from a striker.

First off, he's pacey, and being small and agile with good dribbling means you can get past defenders easily.

He has top shooting stats to really make the opposition pay when he gets into the box.

The icing on the cake, 99 Jumping and 85 Strength, meaning he can go toe-to-toe with defenders in physical tussles too.

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