NBA 2K24 Season 3: Everything you need to know about it!

NBA 2K24 Allen Iverson cover

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A new NBA 2K24 season is almost here, with the Season 3 release date getting closer and closer. This means a lot of new content is coming to the game, including a new Battle Pass, cards, programs, rewards, and more.

Season 3 comes at a perfect time, as NBA 2K24 desperately needs a breath of fresh air. The game missed out on the sports GOTY shortlist, and the NBA 2K community also hasn't been thrilled with the content that has been released as of late. Season 3 is the perfect opportunity for 2K to fix that and inject some life into the title.

So, let's find out everything about Season 3, starting with its release date.

Season 3 release date

Season 3 of NBA 2K24 releases on 1 December, at around 11am ET/4pm GMT, just seconds after Season 2 ends. As is usual with the start of a new season, the NBA 2K servers will undergo a restart before Season 3 goes live to welcome all the content the new season will bring.

NBA 2K24 Allen Iverson Season 3 cover
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Allen Iverson is the face of Season 3!

With Season 3 going live on 1 December, players have little time left to complete the Season 2 Battle Pass and claim all of the rewards. Many of those rewards can be useful at the start of Season 3, so make sure you reach the highest level possible on the Battle Pass.

Now, let's take a look at what every NBA 2K fan is dying to know, the content Season 3 is introducing.


MyTEAM is one of the modes that will get a lot of new content with the arrival of Season 3. This includes new packs, card series, programs, events, and a lot of rewards.

The main goal of every MyTEAM player is to reach LVL 40 of the Battle Pass and redeem the amazing 95 OVR Pink Diamond Jimmy Butler. This is one of the first three Pink Diamond cards in the game and possesses great attributes and badges.

To reach LVL 40, and claim this amazing card, players will need to complete plenty of missions, agendas, and challenges, and play a lot of games.

On their path to reaching LVL 40, players will earn some great cards, as the Season 3 level rewards offer 40 cards, one card for each LVL you reach. Among the many great cards, we have Ruby Stephen Curry, an Amethyst Steve Nash, and a Diamond Amar’e Stoudemire.

NBA 2K24 Lvl 40 reward Jimmy Butler
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Pink Diamond Jimmy Butler is the Season 3 LVL 40 reward!

As mentioned above, two more Pink Diamond players are coming to MyTEAM in Season 3. These players are Kevin Garnett and Hakeem Olajuwon and are currently among the best cards in the game.

To earn Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett, players will need to collect all of the Season 3 Token Market cards. As for Pink Diamond Hakeem Olajuwon, users need to reach the highest number of wins possible in the various MyTEAM game modes.

We also expect to see many programs introduced throughout the season. Unfortunately, we still don't have information about any of the upcoming MyTEAM programs.

However, we expect these programs to be focused around Christmas and New Year's Eve since those are two very important dates in the NBA calendar. They are so important that the NBA is very careful in picking what games take place on those dates.

Season 3 MyCAREER

In MyCAREER, players can also expect some spectacular rewards and a lot of new content.

To start, Season 3 will bring Christmas to The City, by adding snowmen, lights, and many other typical Christmas decorations. The goal is to give The City a festive look, and immerse players in the Christmas spirit.

NBA 2K24 Allen Iverson hairstyle
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The new Allen Iverson hairstyle is one of the Season 3 MyCAREER rewards.

Similar to MyTEAM, players will also have seasonal rewards in MyCAREER. To claim all of these great rewards, players will need to climb through the reward ladder and try to reach the highest LVL possible. There are a total of 40 LVLs, with all of them offering unique rewards.

Among the many MyCAREER rewards players can earn we have Floor Setters, emotes, apparel, the brand-new Allen Iverson hairstyle, and unique shot meters.

The W

The W might not receive as much content as MyTEAM or MyCAREER, but Season 3 will still bring some interesting content to the mode.

NBA 2K24 Sabrina Ionescu cover
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As usual, The W will have weekly and seasonal rewards players can earn by completing challenges or simply playing games. The weekly rewards include team accelerator and resilience boosts, a Nneka Ogwumike heroine jersey, player boosts, and helping hands boosts

When it comes to seasonal rewards, users can earn an Aliyah Boston jersey, a Lisa Leslie historic t-shirt, a MyTEAM Mystic jersey and air deldon shoe card, unique 2KBreakthrough skins, and many clothing bundles

25 Days Of 2K

To celebrate the 25 years of NBA 2K, 2K is introducing the 25 Days Of 2K event in Season 3. This event will start on 1 December and will take place until 25 December.

NBA 2K24 Season 3 25 Days Of 2K
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The 25 Days Of 2K event promises to be very exciting!

Fans will be able to experience something unique each day of the event, and 2K will be giving away plenty of rewards. These rewards include MyCAREER and MyTEAM Locker Codes, and unique "25th Anniversary cards", among many others.

Season 3 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass structure remains the same in Season 3, with the normal pass having 40 LVLs, while the Pro and Hall OF Fame passes have 80 LVLs each.

As it happened in the two previous seasons the Pro and Hall OF Fame passes offer better rewards. However, these rewards are locked behind a paywall, since users need to pay to have access to the Pro and Hall OF Fame passes.

NBA 2K24 Season 3 Battle Pass reward
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If players acquire one of the two, they will receive many exclusive rewards. These rewards are a 94 OVR Diamond Allen Iverson card, an Allen Iverson MyTEAM pack, 45K VC, skill and Gatorade boosts, an animated helmet, and a Diamond Jimmy Butler. There are also some other apparel rewards included in the two premium passes.

Unfortunately, the ability to pay to skip Battle Pass levels continues, which is something we are disappointed about but not surprised about.

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