NHL 24: Patch 1.2 introduces major gameplay changes!

NHL 24 gameplay

NHL 24 gameplay

EA Sports has announced a new patch is coming to NHL 24, and this one brings a lot of major gameplay changes. Patch 1.2 addresses most of the gameplay problems that have plagued the game, and fixes a plethora of bugs.

The NHL 24 Patch 1.2 goes live on 9 November, at 12pm ET/17 pm GMT, forcing the servers to undergo a restart. Developers have advised players to finish all of their online games before the server restarts. That's because the server may "become unstable an hour following the patch deployment".

Without further ado, let's see what major changes the NHL 24 Patch 1.2 brings.

Lacrosse shot nerfed

The NHL community has complained a lot about the Lacrosse shot, mainly because it was too easy to execute, even with low dekeing rated players. EA Sports heard the community complaints and decided to nerf the Lacrosse shot.

NHL 24 gameplay
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This was done by implementing a chance to bobble the Lacrosse shot, if you perform it by using the Total Control skill button. Players with a lower deke attribute will also have a bigger chance to bobble the Lacrosse shot.

EA Sports also increased the difficulty of performing the Lacrosse shot with the Skillstick, making it similar to how it was in NHL 23.

Unrealistic NHL 24 animations fixed

Many players experienced some unrealistic animations, especially while charging a pass. This would lead to some unique shot animations, or ‘curve’ shots. It could also lead to some bizarre goals, that would leave even the calmest of NHL 24 players fuming.

NHL 24 Cale Makar
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Fans weren't really happy about this, as it affected the gameplay and the player's immersion in the game. Fortunately, the developers' team found a way to fix this issue, by preventing players from intentionally triggering these unrealistic shot animations and gaining an unfair advantage.

NHL 24 bug fixes

As mentioned above, this patch also addresses a plethora of bugs that affect different game modes.

Bugs such as the Vision Pass Icons remaining visible after a period had ended, skaters losing their helmets and not returning to the bench immediately, or triggering a poke check animation when using the Vision Pass to pass the puck to an extra attacker were fixed.

NHL 24 World of Chel menu
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However, gameplay bugs weren't the only ones to be fixed, as a plethora of errors which plagued the Franchise and World of Chel modes were also addressed.

You can check all the changes coming in Patch 1.2 here. For guides and all the latest news about NHL 24, visit RealSport101. You can also read our NHL 24 review here.

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