Are NJPW Wrestlers in AEW Fight Forever?

AEW Custom okada

AEW Fight Forever is finally here with its impressive roster of top wrestlers the game's main selling point.

Following the success of the recent Forbidden Door PPV, players have been asking which NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) stars feature on the actual Fight Forever roster.

Wonder no longer, as we've got you covered for the full list of NJPW wrestlers that feature on the roster.

AEW Fight Forever NJPW Wrestlers

Right now, there are no full-time NJPW wrestlers on the AEW Fight Forever roster.

Former stars like Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) do feature on the roster, but some of the biggest and best names from Japan do not feature.

AEW Fight Forever Okada
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CUSTOM STAR - You can custom create your own NJPW stars in-game

This means the like of Okada, Ibushi and Ospreay are all absent from the main roster and cannot be accessed.

With the relationship between AEW and NJPW seeming to grow, there is every chance that a DLC expansion could arrive in the future, bringing extra eyes to the game.

With the recent hype swirling following the success of the Forbidden Door PPV, in which stars from Japan face off against AEW wrestlers, fans will be hoping to see more NJPW superstars appear on the roster soon.

That being said, DLC and Season Pass content has been revealed with no mention of NJPW stars as of yet.

AEW Fight Forever Omega
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STAR OF OLD - Kenny Omega is one of AEW's top stars

This could change, and we'll keep you posted as to whether any stars are rumoured to join the AEW Fight Forever roster.

AEW Fight Forever roster

With the AEW Fight Foerver release now public, we can look ahead to the exciting roster that is being built. Pre-order listings are live, but you aren't going to order the game if you don't know that your favourite wrestlers will be in the game!

AEW Fight Forever roster
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NEW ADDITIONS: This recently revealed screenshot confirmed all three wrestlers for the roster

The AEW Fight Forever roster sits at 60 characters at the time of writing. It's made up of 46 men and 14 women, with four legends included in that count.

Click here to read the full list of wrestlers appearing on the AEW Fight Forever roster.

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