What is the AEW Fight Forever Season Pass?

AEW Fight Forever Kenny Omega

AEW Fight Forever has arrived, with this brand-new game proving to be a hit among AEW fans.

An exciting roster is one of the game's biggest selling points, allowing us to use world-renowned stars like MJF, Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson.

That list of names is only set to get bigger and you should be thanking the AEW Fight Forever Season Pass for that.

Why? Check below to find out.

What is the AEW Fight Forever Season Pass?

The AEW Fight Forever Season Pass grants you access to all DLC content set to be added to the game.

We already know the list of DLC wrestlers that are set to be added but even more Season Pass-exclusive content is on the way.

AEW Fight Forever FTR Pack
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NEW STARS - The Season Pass grants access to new DLC packs

One such perk could be exclusive access to weapons and attributes that could help you in the Stadium Stampede mode, rumoured to be coming as part of a future update.

The main selling point of the Season Pass is undoubtedly the DLC characters you can unlock with it, with four packs confirmed to be arriving in the future.

Those wrestlers and packs are:

FTR: Revival Pack

  • Dax Harwood
  • Cash Wheeler

Release Date - June 29, 2023 (Available at launch)

AEW Fight Forever Kenny Omega
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CLEANING HOUSE - Kenny Omega could top the pile in AEW Fight Forever

Limtiless Bunny Bundle:

  • The Bunny
  • Keith Lee

Release Date - July 25

Hookhausen Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack:

  • Hook
  • Danhausen

Release Date - August 22

AEW Fight Forever Matt Hardy Pack

  • Matt Hardy
  • Broken Matt Hardy

Release Date - Pre-Order Bonus, TBC in-game release for non-pre-order players.

These DLC packs have something for everyone, with some of these names worth their weight in gold for AEW.

Season Pass Price

The AEW Fight Forever Season Pass costs £29.99 and gives you access to all of the DLC packs mentioned above.

AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede
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BRAND NEW MODE - Stadium Stampede is coming to AEW Fight Forever

The official list of perks is as followed:

  • The AEW: Fight Forever FTR: Revival Pack features wrestlers Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler PLUS minigames JoinUs and Deth Race-X
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Limitless Bunny Bundle which features wrestlers The Bunny and Keith Lee PLUS mini-games MJF Car Thrash and Sloth Sling
  • The AEW: Fight Forever Hookhausen Very Handsome, Very Evil Pack which features wrestlers HOOK and Danhausen

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