WWE 2K23: How to gain and use Momentum in Universe Mode

WWE 2K23 John Cena

WWE 2K23 is finally here, meaning you can head into the ring right now and get started in this year's game.

The game truly stands out in many ways, with graphics and gameplay taking things to a whole new level for the franchise.

Universe Mode has been a fan favourite mode for some time and it's seen a major change in WWE 2K23, with huge issues fixed and a new momentum system introduced.

With that in mind, let's take a look at how the new momentum system works in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Momentum

Momentum is a brand new system added to WWE 2K23, with this new points-based system aiming to even out rivalries in Universe Mode this year.

Momentum will be distributed depending on match performance and results, with the victorious superstar set to win more of the resource.

This momentum can then be used to perform different rival actions heading into matches.

WWE 2K23 Cody Rhodes
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NEW SUPERSTARS - A huge roster will be available in WWE 2K23

This could range anything from a sneak attack to a full-on backstage brawl, all of which can now be performed thanks to this new momentum system.

Cashing in this resource should therefore trigger cut-scenes in a more authentic way, giving your Universe Mode a far more cinematic feel.

Your momentum points can also be used to determine the outcome of matches if you choose to simulate them.

How to Earn and Use Momentum

Momentum can be earnt by winning matches with your chosen Superstar.

For instance, if Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes are in a rivalry, winning matches with either superstar will earn them momentum points that can be used to perform rival actions.

WWE 2K23 Momentum
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BUILDING RIVALRIES - Momentum helps you shape your WWE universe

These rival actions can vary from post-match beatdowns to a cheap shot at the start of the match.

The more momentum the Superstar earns, the more rival actions can be performed and the higher percentage that the Superstar will come out on top.

Momentum can be carried into fresh rivalries, meaning you can truly create a dominant superstar in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Match rating Breakker
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ROLLING ON - Winning Superstars will earn extra Momentum

In order to use momentum, you'll need to edit the matches before the shows in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode.

By pressing in the right stick, you will be shown a number of rival actions available to your superstar. Selecting and confirming the actions will ensure that these take place during the match.

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