WWE 2K23 Controls Guide: The ULTIMATE Guide

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WWE 2K23

The new game is finally here, but if you want to be a champion you will need this WWE 2K23 controls guide! Controls for WWE games have also been relatively confusing, with so many different moves and match types to get your head around.

Last year, wholesale changes were made to the controls of the game, and this has been continued in WWE 2K23. Even those that mastered the previous game will need to have a refresher on what has been updated this year.

With that in mind, here is the controls guide for the game across Xbox and PlayStation for every match type!

WWE 2K23 Control Guide

There were some major changes to the control system when the franchise returned last year, and we have seen that continue with WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Reigns McIntyre
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TOE TO TOE - Take to the ring with your favourite superstars

If you are used to FIFA or Madden where there are only a handful of basic controls then you are in for a surprise. There is a huge amount to get your head around when it comes to the WWE 2K23 controls, from simple strikes and grapple moves to finishers, ladder matches, and Royal Rumbles there is a lot to do.

WWE 2K23 Standard Controls

For WWE 2K22, developers Visual Concepts were already hyping up the revamped controls that were set to see several changes when compared to what players were used to.

Those revamped controls have continued into WWE 2K23, with a few minor changes also made.

WWE 2K23 controls PS5
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HOW TO: New controls were showcased well before the game was released

Here are the basic controls for WWE 2K23 that will get you into the flow of a match. When it comes to pinning an opponent, reversing moves, and hitting finishers, these are the WWE 2K23 controls you need.

Command Xbox Control PlayStation Control
RunLS + LT (hold)LS + L2 (hold)
Exit / Enter Ring / Climb Top RopeLS + RB (hold)LS + R1 (hold)
Climb Middle RopeLS + RB (press)LS + R1 (press)
Lean To Ropes for SpringboardLS + LB (press)LS + L1 (press)
Pick Up ObjectLB (press)L1 (press)
Wake Up TauntD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Crowd TauntD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Opponent TauntD-Pad RightD-Pad Right
PinRS DownRS Down
Re-Position OpponentRS Up, Left, or RightRS Up, Left, or Right
Lift Opponent (When Grounded)RS UpRS Up
Instant Recovery (from Ground)RBR1
Release Hold / PinLBL1
Tag In / Tag Out PartnerLBL1
Change TargetClick RSR3
Finisher MoveRT + ART + X
Signature MoveRT + XRT + Square
PaybackRT + YRT + Triangle
SubmissionRT + BRT + Circle
Dodge or ClimbRBR1
ReversalY (press)Triangle (press)
BlockY (hold)Triangle (press)
Light AttackX (press)Square (press)
Heavy AttackA (press)X (press)

Grapple system

To perform grapple moves and the new combo moves you first need to enter the grapple state by pressing B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation.

WWE 2K23 War Games
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GET TO GRIPS - The new controls take some time getting used to

This includes when dragging or carrying an opponent. To execute moves you first have to hit B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation.

Command Xbox Control PlayStation Control
Light Grapple AttacksLS (Any Direction) Then X (press)LS (Any Direction) Then Square (press)
Strong Grapple AttacksLS (Any Direction) Then A (press)LS (Any Direction) Then X (press)
Irish WhipLS (Any Direction) Then B (press)LS (Any Direction) Then Circle (press)
Strong Irish WhipLS (Any Direction) Then B (hold)LS (Any Direction) Then Circle (hold)
Initiate CarryRBR1
Powerbomb CarryLS Up then RB (press)LS Up then R1 (press)
Cradle CarryLS Down then RB (press)LS Down then R1 (press)
Fireman's CarryLS Left then RB (press)LS Left then R1 (press)
Shoulder CarryLS Right then RB (press)LS Right then R1 (press)
Change Carry PositionLSLS
Turn Move Into CarryRBR1
Slam Opponent / Complete MoveAX
Environmental AttackXSquare
Throw Over Ropes / Off StageBCircle
Release Carry / DragLBL1
(As Defender) Escape Carry / DragBCircle

Weapon / Object controls

What's a wrestling match without a few foreign objects? If you want to swing a chair or use a table, we've got you covered.

Command Xbox Control PlayStation Control
Pick Up ObjectLBL1
Grab Object from under the ringLBL1
Primary AttackXSquare
Secondary AttackAX
Drop ObjectBCircle
Lean / Wedge Object In CornerLS + BLS + Circle

Ladder controls

Ladder matches are common in major WWE shows now, from TLC to Money In The Bank, you need to know what you are doing when it comes to climbing ladders!

Command Xbox Control PlayStation Control
Set up LadderAX
Climb LadderRBR1
Push Ladder DownRapidly Tap BRapidly Tap Circle
Rotate Standing LadderRS + LB (hold)RS + L1 (hold)
Grab Belt/Briefcase atop LadderComplete mini-gameComplete mini-game

Cage/Hell In A Cell controls

Cage matches are all about escaping or winning, while Hell In A Cell is about beating your opponent to a pulp.

WWE 2K23 War Games
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WAR GAMES - War Games brought some new options to WWE 2K23

You can still access the ringside area in Hell In A Cell, meaning you can get weapons from underneath and use things like the ring steps.

War Games has also been added to WWE 2K23, with all of the controls applied to Steel Cage matches also available in the new mode.

Command Xbox Control PlayStation Control
Climb Cage/CellRBR1
Call for the Cage DoorLBL1

Royal Rumble controls

In a Royal Rumble you can't pin or submit opponents, you just need to throw them over the top rope!

Command Xbox Control PlayStation Control
Get Back In Ring From ApronRBR1
Throw Out OpponentRT + XR2 + Square